Umbrella Kitchen
An identity for a restaurant that aims to ease the growing hardships of homelessness in SF.
Homelessness has been growing more roots around San Francisco. With every new yuppy restaurant or establishment that springs up, the ones less fortunate are forced to relocate, as these businesses cater to a population of San Francisco that is thriving with opportunity.

Umbrella Kitchen is a restaurant identity that is conceptualized around giving a percentage of what it earns throughout the week, to cater to the homeless during the weekends.

Umbrella Kitchen logo and wordmark.

The logo is a hermit crab character that finds a temporary home underneath an umbrella and the patterns for the Umbrella Kitchen visually mimic the harsh San Francisco rain.

Water droplet texture.

Thanks to Mark Fox!

The patterns for the Umbrella Kitchen visually mimic the unpredictable San Francisco rain.

On the weekdays the Umbrella Kitchen caters to the public.

On the weekends the establishment opens up as a soup kitchen for the homeless.