This project uses sound as a means to a visual language. The end result is a 12’x12’ inch dynamic composition that hints at a narrative informed by sound.
In this composition I formulated the design language by listening to the band Little Glass Men’s song titled Biolumina.

An exploration in mark making.

By immersing myself to sound I was able to highlight some key descriptors to the song. The words sinister, eroded, and aquatic are used to build the topography of formmaking for this project. I was able to build visuals through tool breaking, collage, and photography.

In the process of creating, I repeatedly listened to the song and concentrated on letting the sound dictate the flow of movement in my mark making. I also allowed the song to navigate my photographic journey and ultimately inform the relationships of media within the composition.

Thanks to Jeremy Mende!

An exploration in dynamic compositions.

Experiments in building form.

Photographic collage with a hint of narrative.