Justin Truong
Graphic designer currently living and working in
San Francisco with an emphasis in form making,
interactivity, and composition.
I like to stay creative by use of multimedia to develop ideas with
a strong ethos. Always adventurous and thoughtful in my approach,
I practice traditional graphic design technique synthesized with
dynamic photography, video, print, and digital environments.

I received my BFA in Graphic Design at the California College of
the Arts.
Worked as an intern at MendeDesign and recently finished
a position as a marketing and communications designer at Chronicle
. Currently I'm interested in design opportunities in exhibit, user
experience, and brand design.

I'm a Vietnamese American designer that was born in the Bay Area.
Being influenced by many families of people and culture, I am a strong
believer in diversity and inclusion in art and design. I also have interests
in music, photography, and sports. To learn more or to discuss
freelance opportunities don't hesitate to reach out!