Chronicle Books Marketing
An array of marketing materials
designed for Chronicle Books.
Passport Middle Polk
Identity and narrative designed for
San Francisco's Arts Commission's
annual Passport event.
Arleo Architects Inc.
Brand identity and website
design for Arleo Architects.
Umbrella Kitchen
Restaurant identity built to give
back to the homeless population
of San Francisco.
CSS Typeface
A typeface made from
strict CSS styling.
Form and composition
conceptualized by sound.
Djerassi Web Design
Web design for non profit artist
residency program Djerassi
GS Warriors Geofilters
Snapchat geofilters designed for
Under Armour and Hypebeast.
Twelfth Avenue
A little book about a block inside
the Inner Sunset neighborhood.
Justin Truong
Graphic designer currently living and working in
San Francisco with an emphasis in form making,
interactivity, and composition.
I like to stay creative by use of multimedia to develop ideas with
a strong ethos. Always adventurous and thoughtful in my approach,
I practice traditional graphic design technique synthesized with
dynamic photography, video, print, and digital environments. {more}
Currently interested in brand, user experience, and exhibit design.
Previously a part of the Chronicle Books Marketing and Communications team.